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Global Expansion

Offices: Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka
Manufacturing plants: Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Vietnam

v-shaped sales recovery

We achieved a V-shaped recovery from the major economic damage experienced by the company due to the Covid-19 pandemic by successfully developing fabrics tailored to the situation that would help keep infections at bay. And for our next step, with the policy of eliminating apparel waste, we are launching a new project. We take our responsibility for the future of the earth seriously.

Professional Team

We are a committed group of specialists in EC, fabric and product development.
all services.

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In summary.

  1. V-Shaped Sales Recovery
    Challenges caused by the Covid-19
  2. Global Expansion
    Offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka
    Production plants in Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Vietnam
  3. Professional Team
    Specialists with expertise in a wide range of areas including EC, fabric and product development
  4. Unyielding spirit to take on challenges
    Sincerely trying to eliminate waste apparel
    Truly concerned for the future of the earth.

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